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Allow the area to dry completely before painting the stripes. To create vertical stripes, use a ruler, yardstick, or measuring tape, and a pencil to measure and mark even intervals along the top edge of the wall. Do the same along the bottom of the wall, marking the exact same measurements as the top.

Use painter’s tape to mask out vertical lines starting from the top marks to the bottom marks. These will form the outside edges of each of your vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes are made in a similar fashion. Measuring with a yardstick and level, mark where you want the topmost stripe to be from the ceiling.

Continue creating this line in the same way across the length of the wall. Using the same technique, create the rest of your horizontal stripe pattern as wide as you want your stripes to be. Apply painter’s tape to the lines you made in pencil on the “outside” of the lines - faux painting techniques furniture .

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This will keep you from painting over the lines and ruining your base coat. Using a small or medium-sized paint brush, car or truckefully apply the second color or finish, making sure to keep within the lines you made with tape. Let the paint dry completely before removing the painter’s tape. Pull the tape away from the wall gently in a downward, angled motion.

If you’ve ever wondered how to paint a wall? This is the post for you. Here are 7 DIY painting techniques you can use to transform a room in a day. I’m still not sure when I painted my first wall. 17? 18? 21? Somewhere around the time I discovered stirrup pants weren’t made for someone who is 5 feet tall.

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It was in our first house where we were living on love and ramen noodles. My decorating budget was so small you would have missed it if you blinked. I created a brick wall in a hallway with tiny painter’s tape and glaze and two colors of paint. It looked real.

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It had depth and movement and motion. And the best part?For $25 I COMPLETELY transformed the hallway. I never looked back. Over the years, I’ve painted hundreds of walls for myself and for clients.(total aside: I used to co-own a faux finish business here in Texas.)If you have a small budget and big decorating dreams? Painting a wall with a pattern or design or stripe? It’s the easiest way to transform a room.

Here are my best tips on how to paint a wall and my favorite DIY painting techniques. It truly depends on the project. In my faux finish business we had tons of sponges and brushes and stencils and other painting tools, but if you are just painting a few walls in your home, here are some simple tools that you’ll need:a GOOD basic paint brush (I stress good because you don’t want a brush where the bristles come out in the middle of your painting technique)an angled paint brush (perfect for corners and hard to reach spots)paint rollerpaint roller extentionpainter’s tapedrop cloths (I like the canvas ones that you can reuse instead of the plastic ones)paint traywipes (I love to have wipes on hand to fix any mistakes I make when painting)You’ll need paint for the basic foundation color in the space.

If you are doing a decorative paint treatment, you typically need a quart of each of the colors you’re using. It’s also important to take into account the colors you are using. For example, darker colors will require more coverage and therefore, more paint. I go in-depth about this in this recent post.

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Next, patch any holes (where you’re not going to re-hang something) with spackle before you get started. Next, tape off the wall you’re going to be working on with painter’s tape and lay down drop cloths. Have them shake the paint at the store for you before you use it, or make sure it is well-stirred with a wooden stir stick or paint mixer before you start to paint.

When planning out your project, remember that your time depends on how many coats you are painting in the space, the paint color you’ve chosen and the intricacy of the painting technique you are using. Make sure to allow extra time for prep and clean-up, too. I put this one first because it’s my favorite.

And because I decided to add hexagon wood shelves to the middle of the wall, too. But the room? The design? When you finish it? It’s absolutely amazing. Here’s how to paint a wall with hexagons and step-by-step instructions.This is a great place to start when learning how to paint a wall with decorative painting techniques.

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One quick tip: you don’t want your stripes to be even. When measuring out your stripes make one stripe slightly larger than the other stripe to make them look a little more custom. See this and a zillion other stripe painting tips here.This was one of the hardest walls that we’ve ever painted.

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As in a wall full of cubes. It was a math situation. Good thing I have a math expert that lives at the house. Here are all the step-by-step instructions and how to paint a wall with cubes.This is a room I worked on for my mother. We had a super limited budget and not a lot of time. faux painting techniques furniture .

I have the outline for the project on the post. It’s really easy once you have a few tips. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to paint a wall with geometric squares.I never met a herringbone that I didn’t like. So I created a wall treatment around it. I planned it with different shades of blue to create an ombre pattern, but I think it would also be so pretty if it were just two colors, too.

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It was just a blank wall. And then?We transformed it with a little paint and some wood. You could also create the same look with frames. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to paint a raised panel wall.See what I mean?A painted wall is such an easy way to transform a space.

Or paint colors. Or general conversation. I’m just an e-mail away. 🙂PS Here’s one more for the road. This is a fun project I did long ago with a shutter wall that we painted different colors. You can see it here. Posted On: June 4, 2020Written By: KariAnne Wood.

Faux painting glaze, also called extender, is a translucent liquid that mixes with paint and coloring tints to create a see-through decorative finish for walls and furniture. Because glaze dries slower than paint, it allows time to manipulate the finish with a sponge or other faux finishing tool to create these effects.